"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today ..."

Friday, December 30, 2011


“ I am so happy to be here. I go to school and feel loved by my friends, by the Sisters and Fathers. I have a family today. I feel free and proud ! ….”

As she spoke Prathy's face shone with a radiant smile. She is 16 years old and she joined VALSALYA BHAVAN ( our home for girls)   when she was just nine. I  call her Prathy which is an abbreviation for ‘ prathyasha,  meaning HOPE.
Prathy was  rescuded from child labour and unlawful confinement by our staff and produced before the city magistrate and handed over to us for her care and protection. It was in 2004.
Prathy is a leader today among her companions. She is diligent in her studies. She is compassionate, cheerful, sensitive, responsible and it is a sheer joy to be with her.
Prathy was sold by her mother when she was an infant for a petty sum of Rs. 100.00 ( $2.25 ) after her father abandoned them soon after she was born. Prathy was sold again when she was about five years old  for a higher price to another family where she was forced to do lots of hard work, physically abused and locked up in a dog’s kennel when her employers left for work. The rest can only be imagined!
Prathy is with us for the past seven years and we feel proud to be able to help her grow up to be someone who will make a difference in the life of others. I am sure she will be an asset wherever she is. She is a child of promise, of hope!

We have started the construction of a home for girls after wandering for 14 years! Our dream of offering girls like Prathy a decent home is becoming a reality. You are invited to be part of this noble venture.


He beat his social odds to become a champ!
Karma  is his real name. He hails from the state of Assam. Was forced to leave home six years ago due to the bestial  cruelty he endured at home from his father who was brutal in every sense of the word. That was in 2005. Today this boy who still has horrible memories of those dark days is our champion.
Karma won the gold medal at the recently concluded state level  judo competition for juniors. He was in the local news and his school gave him a grand reception. We share his glory too as he is our boy!  His first in the state takes him now to the national championship. Karma is a boy with great talents.
This is not his first. He has been to the nationals earlier too. He is an artist, plays the key-board, is good at boxing, is great in the play ground, is our official ‘hair dresser’ and above all he is much loved and admired by his companions.
What makes me proud of Karma is his humility and sense to gratitude to God. He loves to pray  and is focused in life. His aim is to be a physician so that he can serve the poor. “ My mother used to tell me that I should be a doctor!” I am sure Karma will achieve his life’s ambition and  will serve God in His brothers and sisters,  especially the poor!”