"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today ..."

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Will I try for another experience – the type I had on Oct. 19? I think I will. It all began with a loving invitation by a young lady who was working with us for three months, three years ago! It was her engagement. She wanted at least 50 children to share her joy. We settled for 9 since the children had to go to school! The girl wanted me to be present too and I volunteered to take the children aged 5yrs and 6yrs with me. Little did I know what exactly was venturing into!

Once we reached the lobby of the hall I gently and smilingly pleaded with the children  to be seated on the sofas. My pleas seemed to fall on deaf years!  Soon they started to jump on the springy- sofa joyfully and had lots of fun while I looked around to see if there were  any disapproving frowns from people around. Now tired of the sofa-experience they started to run around climbing the stairs and having a great time. All the time I sat grinning at the guests who by now had started arriving.

Being fagged out by now they spotted the welcome drink being served. They started rushing towards the drink. They were obviously very thirsty!  I had a tough time telling them to be orderly. Then they wanted to taste all the different types of drink that were offered!

By now hundred long minutes had moved on and I was hoping that the young lady and her would-be-husband would arrive to offer me a respite! Finally they arrived and were led to the reception hall.

Now it was lunch time. My nine buddies had to be lined up for the buffet lunch. They picked up what they wanted. Now we had no chairs to be seated and the hunt for vacant chairs began. Thank God I was in my clerical attire and people were kind! Meanwhile I had left the whole business of controlling them to one or two good souls who had come to my rescue. Soon they too lost control of the situation as they  got lost in the crowd!

Thankfully, lunch was getting over when the sensitive nostrils of my buddies picked up the smell of chocolate, pop corn, ice-cream and cotton candy! The rest is to be imagined!

My final job was to line up these nine lively ‘brats’ to catch a bus! Waiting at the bus shelter was another challenging experience. Once in the bus they all started darting for seats which were all occupied. Nothing seemed to deter them from giving up their hunt! They did squeeze themselves here and there! My next job was to round them up and place them together!

Reaching home was the happiest and most relaxing experience of my life in recent days! No sheep was lost and I thanked the Lord for trying my patience and getting the children to safety!

I am hoping to have another experience soon so that I can exercise my skill in children-management and get an award too ! I have become younger now by ten years!

Friday, October 4, 2013


When Babu Savio defends his PhD thesis in Mangalore  on  28, September he will be one of the rarest of rare cases of children who rose from illiteracy to an enviable status of becoming a Doctor in Education. Besides having three post graduate degrees Babu will be adding one more to his kit of higher education.

 Babu’s story is different from  that of all other kids who have excelled in studies. Babu came to Sneha Bhavan, Palluruthy  when he was about 10 years old as an orphaned  and illiterate child labourer in 1991.  When the authorities realized that Babu was a boy with an indomitable will and  possessing great potentialities  they put him in Std VII after a bridge course .
Babu completed his SSLC in 1997. It was his strong thirst for knowledge and friendly nudge from the staff of Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan that made him accomplish seemingly what was impossible for a boy with his awry background.  He passed Pre -Degree in 1999 (M.G University), B.Com in 2002 (M.G University ), M.com in 2004(M.G University – the Cochin College, Cochin), B.Ed in 2006 (M.G University – Porukkara College of Teacher Education), M.Ed in 2007 (Mangalore University, St.Ann’s College of Teacher Education), M.B.A in 2010(Madras university under Distance Mode), and now  Ph.D in Commerce Education from Mangalore University.

Babu Savio’s achievements should serve as a great example to all the children in our orphanages and homes for deprived children. With sensitive care givers and a conducive atmosphere every child can be motivated to achieve the apparently impossible!