"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today ..."

Saturday, December 6, 2014



Not every day is a special day. But Nov. 3,2014 certainly was. The children of Don Bosco, Sneha Bhavan and Valsalya Bhavan had a royal welcome at NIAT ( Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology), Naval Base, Cochin. Three buses carried the children through the tightly guarded Travancore Gate to the NIAT centre. They were accorded a warm welcome by Commodore Sanjeev Dureja, the director, the officers and trainees of NIAT. A welcome drink, snacks and a friendly interaction made the children feel at home.
A tour of the various sections  of aeronautics transported the children into the world of high technology raising their levels of ambition!  ‘Tom and Jerry’ relaxed their brains! A ‘Navy’ lunch during which the children entertained their hosts with melodious Hindi and Malayalam hits was the last item of the visit.
Nov.4 saw NIAT coming to Sneha Bhavan! It was a return visit with a difference. They came with gifts and tins of paint! At the end of the day the walls and doors of NIAT wore altogether a different look! The broken desks and chairs were carried off for the necessary repair. NIAT canteen provided the lunch. The after- lunch session was packed with games and sports.
The final session saw the presence of VVIPS of both NIAT and NWWA (Naval Wives Welfare Association), Mrs. Belina Ravikiran, vice-president NWWA(SR), Commodore Sanjeev Dureja, Mrs.Richa Dureja, Mrs. Shilpa Aggarwal, coordinator Sparsh, Devina Jain NWWA co-ordinator pragati, ladies from NWWA and the staff and trainees of NIAT. Children were introduced into a mood of celebrations with hands full of gifts!
Nov. 5 was reserved for Valsalya Bhavan. The NIAT team spruced up their dwelling. Besides the Director of NIAT and his wife present were also other bigwigs from the NWWA. The children had a great time. Lots of gifts were presented to the home. We look forward to more such encounters.

-      Fr. Joe Fernandez

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