"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today ..."

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Children are God’s miracles! They are precious gifts. They banish our blues bringing us instant joy!  Our  world  would be  insipid without  their innocent presence. And it is truly heart-rending to see them being victimized especially by the same people who gave them life.

It was a few months ago that five little girl-angels were brought to us. Just by looking at them it was obvious that they were messed up and mishandled! Their looks betrayed their inner turmoil. Their smiles and childhood pranks had certainly taken a beating! Their crime – they were born as    ‘accidents’ and hence handed over to a home as unwanted.

Now things are different! Their smiles have returned. Their pranks have begun to leak out of their cracks! However, the darkness of their infancy lies hidden in the apparently inaccessible recesses of their being! There is occasional fear in their demeanour.  Their intermittent cries for attention and acceptance turn out to be piercing shrieks baffling their friends and  the  staff. 

Unconditional love, a congenial and warm climate, meaningful freedom and loving ways will eventually heal their hurts and bring solace into their battered lives!  Their cries for acceptance, love and affection will definitely be heard. This is what we can offer them and we do so as a privilege.

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