"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today ..."

Wednesday, September 10, 2014



ONAM is another name for celebrations! It is indeed a state festival that transcends all religious, cultural or social boundaries. It is a festival that promotes social harmony. A sense of joy pervades the entire state. Songs, dances and cultural entertainments bring people together. A temporary veil of amnesia  covers the whole state as everyone seems to be in a state of mirth forgetting their worries and anxieties.

At ‘SNEHA BHAVAN’ Onam celebrations were unique and there was an element of mystery about the event. Children from all our centres played hosts to about 150 children from the neighbourhood. They were representing BOSCO KIDS  - a club for children.

The day began with presentation of cultural items with Onam as theme. It was followed by lunch and games that ended with a tug- of- war to test the muscle power of both children and staff. Some were lucky to win prizes!

What made the day unique was the active participation of volunteers who help to organize Bosco Kids.  “ This is the first time that I am coming here and for  an event like this. I am excited about what is happening . I don’t think there is any other centre that can make so many children feel so much at home. I am proud  to be associated with Bosco Kids”.

Onam Celebration at Sneha Bhavan

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